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Hai I'm Arabella! I am into pretty much anything nerdy: doctor who, batman, magic the gathering, pokemon, animes, Halo, DC comics,reading, you name it! I love feedback, so please please please comment, and never be afraid to friend me,as I will always accept. I really love everyone on here, and I will geek out with you over doctor who or any other geeky thing. My favorite animes are Hetalia and Fairy Tail. If you say anything about Superman, I will probably gouge your eyes out. Haha maybe I will spare you if you are cool. Love to everyone! I kinda left Dragoart for almost a year, so I am looking for new best friends on here (all my old ones forgot about me). Message me!
Tools of the trade
unfortunately, i have a lack of artist tools so i use number two pencils, erasers, and colored pencils. what wonderful tools right? but they do help me with drawing simple things simply, and to have real drawing talent, not just the tools talking, ya know what i mean?
reading, drawing, writing, video games, watching different shows like my favorite animes, doctor who, and batman.. i really dont get out much. I also am addicted to Instagram (who isn't?) I live off of Netflix, my iPod, and my ds. *cough cough* nerd!
Favourite books
I love books in general. I just about die every time I go into Barnes and Noble knowing I cant take 50 books home with me... sigh, i just have to settle for three....I read just about any book I find. I love all kinds of genres, but i seem to always be reading some kind of fiction.
Favourite movies
Who doesn't love Disney? I also love pitch perfect, the princess bride, basically anything that will entertain me. I really am easily entertained. I wanna add stuff on my favorite animes, as I really love to talk to people and fangirl with them. I have seen (and loved) Ouran Highschool Host Club, Fairy Tail, Hetalia, a bit of Soul Eater (it kinda fizzled out for me), Death Note, (although I definitely prefer the Manga for that one) Fullmetal Alchemist, Fruits Basket,and a few other ones I might have forgotten about. I am kinda eyeing One Piece, so please if you have seen it could you give your opinion on it? It means a lot to me. Thanks!
Favourite music
Imagine Dragons!! I listen to quite a bit of dubstep. Thinking about it, I really will listen to anything BUT rap or R&B. SHINee is my life...oh i could stare at those sexy boys for the rest of my life. :P
I wish! :(
I doubt anyone would actually email me
Dont even know what that is !
is that even cool anymore?
Not telling.