17, Female
United States
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I love sketching portraits of people and animals and nature. I use professional shading pencils and I also paint backgrounds of nature from where I live. I love animals of all kinds, from exotic to regular. I like to recycle and care for the earth. my pet peeve is pollution of all kinds, (also the scraping noises of knives, forks on a dinner plate and chalkboard screeches from chalk to nails.)
Tools of the trade
professional shading pencils and paint brushes, also oil pastels; and #2 Pencils, i also love to use acrylic paints and watercolors. Sometimes I will use oil, though usually unless I have a huge painting and old brushes; I don't.
Sketching portraits and nature, roller skating, fishing, ice skating, and tennis, also soccer, diving competitions and horse back riding equestrian English-riding shows. I'm also write and am a part of my local school newspaper/English Club. XP
Favourite books
my favorite books are the hunger games and wolves of the beyond. THEY'RE AMAZING!!! PLUS YOU MUST READ THE GIVER! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Favourite movies
Divergent, The Giver, The Maze Runner, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. PLUS, hopefully in the future (In to the Woods)!
Favourite music
Hip Hop and country Rock, plus a little of slow songs from various artists.