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I love to read draw and sing looking up others drawings and playing video games i been drawing sense i was 14 i use to not like to draw but i got to reading manga and seeing one of my best friend draw and he was great so one day i took a character from one of my fav manga and set there drew it now i kn it sound crazy that i couldn't draw then i take a character n draw it yea thats how it work n i took like two art class and got the hang out of some of it but i still need work on a lot of stuff i love drawing bc of my mom who is not here anymore love u mom but she saw me just draw lil things like flowers and stuff and she bet me i couldn't do anything better then that and had me thinking if i prove her wrong i get wat i want so i draw something she like and it was a unicorn she love it and had me draw all kinds of things for her n put me and art class she push me to keep drawing and i will always love her for that
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Pencils, coloring pencils and markers
Basket ball walking and singing and reading
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Any manga and fiction books and romances books
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To many to name
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I listen to all kind of music