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how to draw lena, lena duchannes from beautiful creatures drawing tutorial
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United Kingdom
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So you want to stuff about me? Well... Not much to say, so im getting my friends to say something about me instead.. Hope its not bad! " She has an amazing accent, and beautiful eyes! " - Khyuime.
Tools of the trade
My basic equipment that i have is a range of high quality soft graphite leads, these range from a 4H to a 6B. Also i have a Art Studio case which you open to see a beautiful range of dark to light normal coloring pencils and dark to light watercolor pencils (this comes with a decent sized paintbrush with helps the watercolors). Both of these items are available to buy at WHSmith. I also have a rubber (not kneaded, cause it never stays that way when molded at a fine point). And a ruler, this is my basic equipment!
Well i like drawing, playing puzzle games, where you actually have to use your brain! I like watching movies, drawing again and again and again.. Honestly my life is not that interesting...
Favourite books
I'm not a great fan of books, i don't really read!
Favourite movies
Well since i have a mind of a 3 year old, i like movies such as The Smurfs and all that, but also i also love the movie Beautiful Creatures... Its amazing!
Favourite music
Well, i like a range of different types of music, i like sceamo, indie rock, not so much punk rock, but i do like normal stuff to like the dancey sort of music that you might hear in clubs and stuff. But i prefer screamo and indie rock myself..
Emily Waters