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how to draw a puppy drawing tutorial
how to draw a husky puppy, husky puppy drawing tutorial
how to draw my little pony, friendship is magic style drawing tutorial
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how to draw me gusta, me gusta drawing tutorial
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Well I have blue eyes and brown hair and I love to draw! I like to draw manga (as you can tell by my name) and also like to draw Pokemon but I suck at it. I love all things cute like my dog Merlin who is a Scottish Terrier. He is awesome and is magical because he was born on the 9th of the 9th 2009 at 9 pm! Anyway I also like to play my DS and laptop and minecraft! I also love markcrilley on YouTube cause he does awesome manga! So I hope you like my art!
Tools of the trade
I use a normal pencil and rubber. For colouring I use Primscolor colours.
Drawing Netball Running
Favourite books
6 impossible things, Harry Potter! A straight line to my heart, Matched, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Once, Then and Now
Favourite movies
Twilight Red Dog ( made me cry so much!) Umm I cant think of anything eles!
Favourite music
LMFAO!!! Blood by The middle east, Rolling in the Deep and Anything by Glee!