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how to draw lightning, final fantasy xiii drawing tutorial
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how to draw edd from ed edd n eddy drawing tutorial
how to draw ed from ed edd n eddy drawing tutorial
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I'm been drawing since 5th grade, my first draw is "Garfield" still looking for my first draw ever since bad storm Hurricane "Ike" at Houston in 2008. I stop drawing after mid-school into High School for learning after 2005 done at school I remind me of go back too drawing I did the Mario Bros and I lost it and I'll have no clues where is it. 2006-2007 at college I draw a troop form a game "Killzone"and "Gears of War" and look great (coming soon). late 2010, at work I saw a paper a cool pen artwork from a good work Friend and why I'm going back too due some Drawing and never stop. I Love draw: Garfield, Mario Bros, Gears of War, Mega Man(Characters), Ed, Edd n Eddy, Cartoon Cartoon from Cartoon Network (97-06)(P.S. The New Cartoon Show SUCK), South Park, and Final Fantasy Characters, and I'm still learning too draw from a drawing book and this website. I'm happy too join this website. so late.
Tools of the trade
number-two pencils, other art pencils, color pencils, pens (still learning)
Play sport in Special Olympics. Garden Railways "G" Scale. LGB Trains Toy Model. YouTube:LGBfanNBGRR86. Xbox360:txrookie PS3:txrookie-BW-
Favourite books
Pirate Latitude by "Michael Crichton" The War of the Worlds by "H. G. Wells Train Wrecks. comics:Batman, Gears of war, Dead Space and Garfield.
Favourite movies
Downfall, Batman, Rango, Up, Toy Story1-3, Wall-E, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lord of the Rings. 3:10 to Yuma. T.V. Show: South Park, the 90s cartoon, Ed, Edd n Eddy.
Favourite music
1.Final Fantasy 13 2.Dissidia 012 3.Deus Ex: Human Revolution 4.Batman: Arkham City 5.Final Fantasy 7-10 6.Final Fantasy 12 7.Hans Zimmer music ( Call of Duty, Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman and Gladiator). 8.Red Dead Redemption 9.The World Ends With You(DS)game 10.The Black Mages 11.Gears of War1-3 12.Metal Gear Solid1,4 13.Killzone2-3 14.Halo1,3 15.Final Fantasy 13-2 16.Dead Space1-2 17.Distant Worlds1-2 18.Final Fantasy 14 (Battle Track) 19.Super Mario Galaxy 20.Uncharted2,3 21.Transformers(movie) 22.Street Fighter 4 23.Star Wars 24.Kingdom Hearts 2 25.Crisis Core - Final Fantasy 7