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-I'm a little strange -I'm fun -I wear my heart on my sleeve -I'm interesting, and entertaining according to some people -I don't stick to things for long, once I accomplish it, it bores me -I love skulls, Gir, and texting -To few, I'm a freak, to others I'm amazing -I have at least 5 different personalities -I can do a lot of things, but it depends on if I'm entertained (I'm easily bored!) ~*~If there is any more you'd like to learn, ask!~*~
Tools of the trade
Any pencils, pens, crayons, or markers I find. I prefer using artist kits though I can never find them :p
Well... -Drawing is my life -Writing poems and stories is my drug that I'm addicted to -Sleeping -Eating, yes I'm a foodie but I'm not fat -Sewing and creating items I want and like ~*~It sorta depends on my mood. My mind changes five times a day and I get bored with things easily.
Favourite books
Got tons -I love dark books with vampires/werewolves/anything supernatural. And love. And serious romance. And death. And horror.
Favourite movies
Tons -I LOVE horror movies! -I'm okay with romance, as long as cheating is involved -I like shooting scenes -I'm a huge sucker for sad stories, I ALWAYS cry at the end :(
Favourite music
Girls: -Avril Lavigne -Kerli -Taylor Swift -Christina Grimme Guys: -Green Day -Three Days Grace -Justin Bieber, yes I am a little bit of a Beliber! :) -Skillet