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If you are here looking for my art, don't expect it to be here. All my art stuff is either on DeviantArt, or in my Sketch book. I'm too scared to dazzle the world with my beautiful artwork. Jk, just don't have time or will to upload. I'm a co-writer with my friend Circe. My pen name is Kasai, her's Circe. Go to our website to see all the books we've ever written, all of them being either on Miss Literati or FanFiction, as well as daily updates on our work. Twitter just has updates whenever we put up chapters, and our site gives a little more depth in the summaries and whatnot. Our username for all of them is Honao, twitter is Honashi. I love Phoenixes, C.C is more of a dragon person. We love animals of all kinds, and I have a more pessimistic side. Look around for mentions of Josie, she's another editor and great friend of ours. She publishes books separately from ours, but edits our works with us, as we do hers.
Tools of the trade
Pencils, erasers, once in a while, graphite powder, ans duh, my sketchbook. I might do some digital art, but not very good at it.
reading, writing, drawing, once in a while, I might knit
Favourite books
When asking a bookworm what kind of but she likes, be prepared to face a "duh" moment. I love all books, non-fiction, fiction, and DEFINITELY anime and manga~~
Favourite movies
I want to watch "The Other Woman". I wanted to watch other movies as well, but my wonderful friends spoiled them all.
Favourite music
Dunno, depends on the mood. Pop, slight rock maybe, a little country...