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New Zealand
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Um.... about me.... ok I'm a guy who likes to talk to people a lot. I am very social and nice, but if I catch ANYONE (including me and my friends) bullying or being racist (not joking being racist as a friend etc.) I get REAL MAD! So you'd better watch out if I catch you! I'm not usually serious, I try to be funny and stuff but it usually turns out to be a kind of stupid joke :D lol. And..... Bad grammar........ Things.... And stuff..... Nothing left to say.......OH YEAH! Great friends are all listed down below :D (they are REALLY REALLY good friends, ANIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tools of the trade
I use markers (and coloured), standard pencil and rubber, paint sometimes, colour pencil, etc. If I think of something I'll post it later :) p.s I'll start uploading artwork soon
Ahhhh.... Hobbies...... I like to sprint, exercise, play video games (though I don't play video games a lot), MANGA AND ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! drawing (DUH), BOOKS and other stuff I'll put in when I remember.
Favourite books
Favourite books are... Percy Jackson series, Kane chronicles, Heroes of Olympus, Alex Rider, Cherub, Mythology, use to LOVE the murderous maths books, horrible histories books and beast quest, maximum ride, Daniel-X, 39 clues, and a million other books that I'll update if I remember :D
Favourite movies
idk, too much movies, and animmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Favourite music
PIANOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, WOOOOOOO I'M GRADE 6, I love the Angel Beats anime music...., Green Day, Jeff William and I'll write more down when I remember