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Erm... Howdy! I'm a jokester that doesn't really have anything better to do. But sometimes I get annoyed by some bad puns made by others. Not much else to say.
Tools of the trade
Welp, I just use a couple pencils and some paper and just wing it. And I sometimes draw on my phone.
Puns. More puns. I can't help it. They're PUNtastic. I'm pretty pun-ny if you know me, but you might just say I'm a NUMB-skull, or that I'm PUN-bearable. If I hand you a paper with a list of puns, you'd think that they're *rips paper* TEAR-able. Nothing gets under a skeleton's skin, but they don't have the guts to say any jokes. The only thing skeletons actually like is the trom-BONE. Or maybe a xylo-BONE! Some may even say that I'm an absolute SANS-ation, but I say, "Hey. Spagettaboutit! " Tibia honest, if I see someone running in snow, I'm going to shout, "FREEZE!" Boy, this really rattles my bones. Besides, I have gotten a skele-ton of work done recently, and I need to tickle my funny bone! Hell, if I was a gardener, I wouldn't have any flowers planted yet. Why? Because I haven't botany yet! *ahem* But yeah, I like puns.
Favourite books
Favourite movies
I'm a pretty big fan of movies in the horror genre, stuff like "Friday the 13th" or somethin'. Otherwise, not in the sense of actual pre-filmed movies, I like watching stuff like Jeff Dunham's comedy tours. It's not like, an actual movie that was recorded in Hollywood or anything, but I do find his live tours amusing.
Favourite music
Um.... I, um, don't listen to any, *ahem* regular music, y'know, with vocals. But, uh, this one can be pretty peaceful and, um, maybe useful for you to listen to while, y'know, studying? I-I guess. *insert more jokeful stammering* Here's a link, if you wanna take a listen. https://youtu.be/iD2xur6jy1s
Heh, like I have the kind of money to have a running website.
Erm... M-my e-mail? U-uh, w-which one? M-my main one o-or the one for, u-uh, spam?