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First of all... That's not my real name...(i was half asleep when i made this account)....I love drawing anime of any sort..characters, scenery, animals... Painting too but I mostly paint sceneries and cartoon characters (cause i feel like thats what im best at). Oh and I just want to share my art mostly and see other people's art as well.....I also love to watch tv and anime and play video games....like Naruto, Super smash bros. brawl fighting games and stuff like that
Tools of the trade
I mostly use a pencil because I love to shade and I paint too I guess I'm good at both. But I guess I love to colour things with crayon or markers when I'm done..even though I prefer shading. And oh I can't leave out the erasers I use to fix my mistakes
My hobbies are mostly drawing, reading, chatting with friends, EATING, playing video games, watching anime series .....and there's much more but that would be a waste for me to list it all....but I also love to sleep and tell jokes I'm pretty funny.... At least thats what my friends say.....don't know if its true but ill take their word for it...
Favourite books
I like a lot of books....anime books that is....but also I mostly like reading adventurous books and stuff.
Favourite movies
I love action movies that are funny....and comedies like Kevin Hart...and stuff....and just a little bit of swearing.....OH and I like adventurous movies and stuff too
Favourite music
I mostly like Chris brown songs....I don't really know why....and also hip hop and stuff like that
I wish...
Cute....but I'm not bout sharing my email... Sorry
Sadly not yet...
Nuh uh.