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19, Female
United States
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I’ve been drawing for ever but started drawing anime about 6 months ago, and I have to say it’s my favorite thing to draw! I spend ¾’s of my Christmas and birthday money on drawing materials but besides that I do chores around the house. I have greatly improved my drawing skills since I’ve found Dragoart and when I’m older wish to become a manga artist.
Tools of the trade
Paper, pencil, colored pencils, water colors, and polyester eraser.
Some of my hobbies are tennis, basketball, drawing, writing, playing the Sims 3 (a computer game). I am currently writing a story on the Sims 3 website (if you count that a hobby), piano, guitar, and drums.
Favourite books
The Summoning, The Awakening, The Reckoning, Fruits basket manga, Vampire Knight manga, Ouran High School Host Club manga, Love Hina manga, Dork Diaries, He’s Dedicated To Roses manga, Death Note manga, Fallen.
Favourite movies
The Shining, Gnomeo and Juliet, Toy Story, Legally Blonde, Just Go With It, Silence of the Lambs, Harry Potter, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, The Mummy. As you might of noticed I love kid movies.
Favourite music
My First Kiss, I Can Do Anything, Glitter in the Air, Dynamite, Party Rock Anthem, Telephone, Starstruck, Don’t Trust Me, Richman, Chokechain, The One That Got Away, Hot n’ Cold, Teenage Dream, Firework, Not Like the Movies, Blah Blah Blah, Blow, Tik Tok, We R Who We R, Take It Off, N-N-N-Neva Baby, Poker Face, If I Die Young, What Doesn’t Kill You, Someone Like You.