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Well I`m 15 yr old guy who loves to draw (quite obvious really). I ALSO HAVE A TON OF BEANIES ^w^ none of it make sense however because i live in 80 degree weather now (btw way americans why dont you use celsius anyways??) anypoo I like to draw even things I see in real life or on the good old interwebs. Aside from that I like to play some Xbox and Playstation and hang out with the very few friends that I have cuz not alot of people likes anyone thats emo... who knew???? I know I didn't
Tools of the trade
Anything I can use to make a mark on paper... wait... in a way that didn't sound right...
Drawing, Playing Xbox and Playstation, Listening to Music, Hangin out with friends, sleep all day <--Who doesn't do this anyways? Well unless you have stuff to do that is...
Favourite books
Well I only read up on Creepypastas and Black Butler so.... yeah... ummm that is all...no im being real...why are you still reading this anyways... now I'm no genius but I think this is what "you" stalkers do...you read through their stuff even the stuff that is totally pointless kinda like this long pointless...thing...but anyshoe its really creepy how you read through this whole thing... when you could have done something far better like it eat ice cream or find and an island made entirely of candy (I like strawberry) but you know whats odd? why did I put this whole... ummmm...thing in the fav books anyways??? why not the bio you might have asked (let's be real here I know you didn't ask but I don't really care lol okay that sounded mean I'm sorry... I love you guy or gal doesnt matter) anyways my childern I dont know and I'm sure you don't either but umm here's a AKWO-TACO thing dancing (yes I know... I have no clue about what im talking about) ~('-&a
Favourite movies
Sense I'm not a big movie guy, like I never watch them... cuzzzz they to long... anywhos I'm just gonna list some shows I watch. Doctor Who, Black Butler, Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, Soul Eater, House of Cards, Hell on wheels, Criminal Minds, CSI series, and finally House.
Favourite music
Three Days Grace, Green Day, BVB, Skillet, Panic! At The Disco, Dubstep, Melodic Dubstep, DnB, Trap Music, Chillstep, and Electro.... yeah I kinda know about the WUB WUBS as well... yeah I'm not your typical emo...
I know nothing of this website you speak of...
nicolasedgeworth@gmail.com... wait a sec why did i just give you my email...oh nose ;-;
I can't be one of them... they pro's... me a newb..
you step in my seabear circle, I will and shall shove you in it's mouth
oh goodie a book of murdered people's faces in it
tweet ta-ta tweety tweets tweet ^ w ^ I like turtles... wait a sec.. that made no sense