1. Anime Me Colored
2. Brago from Zatch Bell
3. Cherish from Zatch Bell
4. Zeno Bell and Dufort
5. Fire Wolf Colored
6. Fire Wolf Lineart
7. Wolf Couple
8. Wolf
9. Anime Me
10. Ponygon Umagon
11. Katara
12. Alexis Rhodes
13. Anime Wolf
14. Lusia Close Up
15. Lusia from Desert Coral
16. OC Daniel
17. Dimentio
18. Toph Fire Nation
19. Toph Bei Fong
20. Avatar Aang
21. Yami Yugi Pharoah
22. Thorned heart
23. OC Zebolu
24. OC Delrune
25. OC Carako
26. OC Ashron
27. OC Keera
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Yo, Tucker here. I'm an anime artist with a minor catch of realism. I love to bowl, draw, and play videogames. I'm going to say now, unless I know you, don't add me. If you spam me, I'll block you. I'm a fan of many anime abridged series'. Currently I'd say my anime skill is at a 7/10. My bowling average is around 190, and my video game skills are pretty good... minus shooting. Haha. Peace out yo.
Tools of the trade
#2 Pencils, Kneaded Eraser, PSE7, GIMP, Bamboo Pen&Touch Tablet, Mechanical Pencils
Bowling, Drawing, Video Gaming!
Favourite books
Fallen Angels, The Outsiders, Left Behind
Favourite movies
Sci-fi and action movies in general
Favourite music
Christian Rock, Classic Rock, Modern Rock, HipHop/R&B