1. halloween german shepard
2. fantasy world scene
3. glass of water
4. tiger
5. twilight
6. kitten
7. anime rapunzel
8. treasure planet
9. elf fantasy
10. elephant
11. dog and a flower
12. rose
13. flowers
14. pine tree
15. bowl of fruit
16. captain jack pirates of the caribbean
17. bugs bunny and daffy duck
18. A girl and her horse
19. fox
20. tigers
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19, Female
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Hi my name is Ninadiamond (Nina), I have Been drawing since I was little about seven years old.i love to draw with different types of tools and expand my drawing skills into being professional.I mostly like to draw fantasy,composition,still life and graphic art but I am trying out all kinds of different drawing styles I really can't settle for one. I love calligraphy,Mythology and History as an influence in drawing such as the victorian or the renaissance times.
Tools of the trade
I use water colour,gouache, acrylic, oil paint,colouring pencils,oil pastels,bamboo Wacom (sometimes),soft chalk and pen also charcoal and canvas, paper and pencils from Derwent collection.
My hobbies would be first of all drawing,designing,writing,reading books,watching movies,studying and friends and family i also love spending time with my pets and shopping. I draw and paint a lot so i love finding new inspirations for my drawings. I do also love decorating cakes for my mom I spend most of my time studying for exams well you do have to be ready for tests until the summer holidays start then more art and i really like watching movies for more inspiration.
Favourite books
Harry potter,twilight,ink heart,The journey to the centre of the earth,Chinese Cinderella,Sherlock Holmes and the hound of Baskerville,fairy tales,the magical worlds of Harry Potter,Robinson cruise,The lord of the rings.
Favourite movies
I love movies actually I watch a lot of movies and I get influenced in drawing drawings from my favourite scenes here are some of my favourite movies: Harry Potter,Twilight Saga,Tangled,Remember me,Shrek,All the Disney movies :),Rio,spy next door,Kung Fu panda,Narnia,Grimm,The lion king,sherlock Holmes,The Hunger games and lots more.
Favourite music
My favourite musicians ar Miley Cyrus ,Selene Gomez,Muse ,Hilary duff,Justin Bieber,Robert Pattinson, Britney Spears,Taylor Swift,Demi Lovato .