1. The Love Of A Rainbow
2. Death From My Heart
3. Hour of the Rat
4. The Toof Monster
5. Shadows Embrace
6. Merry Christmas To All
7. Tears of Corruption
8. Inner Beauty
9. The Reaper and The Crow
10. Beauty and Destruction
11. Lady Death
12. Sugar Skull
13. Pretty In Pink
14. ZomBiE HeARt
15. Open Up Your Eyes (Framed)
16. Smile
17. Open Up Your Eyes
18. The Rainbow of Perception
19. Happy Halloween
20. The Drawings of the Dead
21. The Evolution of a Dragon PT II The Baby
22. The Evolution of a Dragon PT2 (INKED)
23. The Evolution of a Dragon PT2 BETA
24. The Evolution of a Dragon PT1
25. Something On My Mind
26. A Heart Within A Heart
27. x Born To Suffer (The End) x
28. The Walking Dead Issue 28 Back Cover PT2
29. The Eater of Souls
30. with The Darkness comes The Light
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i guess i’d like to call myself an artist foremost. ive been drawing since i was 8 but didnt really make art who i am til i was 14. i started out by drawing things from comic books. i always adored the alternate realities of things and tried to bring that into who i am as an individual. my art is very personal and it was not an easy task bringing myself to share it all with you. all i ask is that you express your own opinion of my art and maybe gain something from it… Klaatu-Barada-Nikto
Tools of the trade
2H+ pencils ☠ Staedtler eraser ☠ fine tip markers (0.1->0.7) ☠ Prismacolor Scholor pencil crayons.
drawing of course :)
Favourite books
The Book of Swords Series by Fred Saberhagen (R.I.P.) The Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind
Favourite movies
Any Studio Ghibli stuff. scifi/horror/war/zombie movies. im pretty much open to all movies, have a hard time watching chick flicks without the chicks tho :)
Favourite music
Death Metal, Metal, more Metal, Hard Rock, Dubbastep, Techno, Hardstyle, Gabber, R&B, a little bit of Country, a little bit of Rock 'N Roll, a little bit of Classical to soothe my soul.
no use for it.