1. Teddy Bear
2. Anime pirate girl
3. Realistic Eye
4. Mathew The Horse
5. Hidden in the clouds
6. Giraffe
7. Drawing of my beloved pet Billy
8. Fox Kit
9. Bobby the Border Collie
10. Dragon 4
11. Dragon 3
12. Dragon 2
13. Dragon 1
14. Howling Wolf
15. Another Charcoal Anime
16. Charcoal Anime Girl
17. Wolf
18. Anime Boy walking towards city
19. Cute Puppy
20. Anime Squirrel
21. farmville treasure seagull
22. Farmville potbelly pig
23. Gingerbread Man
24. Cute dragon
25. A Wittle Penguin
26. Cartoon Elephant
27. Anime Girl
28. Cartoon Tapir
29. Cartoon Rhino
30. Cartoon Polar Bear
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21, Female
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HIII! I'm Grace and I came to Drago because I reaaaaally lovee drawing :) **I'M ACTUALLY 15, BUT ANYWAYS** I draw mostly animals but I'm sure if you look at all my artwork put together anyone can safely say that I love drawing cats/felines the most! *CRAZY CAT LOVERR OVERR HERE!!!* I am generally a nice person, i think so I reckon anyone can get along with me, but if you start to dis or mock people's artwork or start a fight with one of my friends WATCH OUT! I disapprove of artwork theft cuz it shows that they lack originality which every good artist needs. If you dont do any of that then we'll get along fine :) Also I have a PRETTY GOOD sense of humour soooo... But before you leave my profile I would like to name a few friends of mine whose artwork is AMAZING and are really nice people to know. you should check 'em out : sabertoothwolf/ tiki_the_chibi/ downfall/ roxy_foxy/ dizzy_duckie (she actually left but I'm still gonna put her in anyway)/ Xx_toxic_pizza_xX/ swe
Tools of the trade
Pencil, Paper, IPhoto, ArtStudio (ipod), Adobe Photoshop Express (ipod), sumo paint, charcoal chalk pastels/pastel pencils, kneadable eraser
Drawing, Netball, tennis, Oz tag, reading, piano, guitar and FACEBOOK <3
Favourite books
Fallen, Harry Potter, Shiver, Linger, Need, The Tomorrow series, Ellie Chronicles, Captivate, Finnikin of the Rock, Twilight, Roald Dahl, The lion the witch and the wardrobe, Little Women, Enid Blyton, The Boy In the Striped Pyjamas, Marley and me, VAMPIRE ACADEMY!!, The Charmer, The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, In the sea, there are crocodiles, looking for Alibrandi and stuff like that. <3
Favourite movies
Avatar, Harry Potter, Toy Story, Despicable Me, Tomorrow when the war began, Bedtime Stories, Who Framed Roger Rabbit. RED RIDING HOOD <3 DELTORA QUEST, <3 <3 <3 ~~~~~~ VAMPIRE KNIGHT!!!!! I know this is a tv show but i am currently obsessed with SUPERNATURAL!! <3 <3 xxx
Favourite music
Coldplay.......EVANESCENCE.......Snow Patrol.......Art Vs Science......Green Day.........Good Charlotte..........Bliss N Eso.........Wolfmother........Nickelback....... .Drapht.......Grinspoon............Linkin Park........ Chevelle.......Cold.........Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.........3 Days Grace..... <3<3<3
Just ask for it
If you beg than maybe?