1. Ninetails
2. Dragon Skeleton
3. Brightheart Warriors
4. Kitteh Assembly
5. Clan Leaders
6. Dark Dragon
7. Toothless RAWR
8. Numbat
9. Unaysaurus
10. Suchomimus
11. Deinonychus
12. Eye Tutorial Drawing
13. Floppy
14. Dialga and Palkia
15. Dragon of Wind
16. Gold kitsune
17. Shiori
18. Chiemi the Kitsune
19. Evil Kitsune
20. Wormish Dragon
21. Furry Dragon
22. The Guard
23. Angry at the Birdies
24. Wingless
25. Another Zombie Dragon
26. Zombie
27. Wolf
28. Werewolf with background
29. Werewolf
30. Zombie Dragon
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21, Female
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HELLO THERE! Im a loud, talkative, peppy person with a ton of corny jokes to amuse my patient friends XD You might have already been able to tell, but I love talking, drawing, talking about drawing, reading.... Yeah, you get it! :) I have SOOO much assignments and homework at this new school, that the only time I have to draw is secretely in history because I have a teacher who seems to be oblivious to EVERYTHING! I love little kids stuff. No joke. I like every single cartoon Disney movie, My Little Pony, Pokemon... Though not to say that I don't like big kids stuff too :) I LUV video games, mostly horror... Not really much to say. My favourite things to draw would be: 1. Fanart! 2. My Charries! 3. Draaaaaaaaagons :) 4. Wolves, canines, and felines. Oh, and I have a new obsession every term, I guess xD. This time it's My Chemical Romance <3 They're too epic for words. Go listen to some of their songs- You won't regret it!
Tools of the trade
Mostly graphite pencils, sometimes colouring pencils (So much variety!) and more recently I have started using Photoshop Elements 5.0 and a Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet to make digital artwork :)
Drawing, reading, writing, listening to music, dancing...Talking, as you can sort of guess :) I also like to throw toasters out of my shoes while I tickle my pet pterodactyl that hatched five months after my hand became a dolphin. Thank you for your time.
Favourite books
Beastly, Harry Potter saga, Chaos Walking saga, Gone, Hunger, Lies, Plague, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, the 'Vampire Academy' series, Deltora Quest (used to be, anyway) and the stories that my friends write are interestiing as well:)
Favourite movies
Ha ha. I'll spare you from the colossal disaster that would be called my favourite movie list. Your Welcome! ;)
Favourite music
There's too many, but mostly I listen to ANYTHING rock, like My Chemical Romance, Mayday Parade, Fallout boy, My Chemical Romance, stuff like dat. I ALSO like Big Time Rush, My Chemical Romance, One Direction, A Very Potter Musical & Sequel, and... Disney songs? Lol I like almost anything I listen to, but those would have to be some of my favourites. Did I mention My Chemical Romance? <3 Imma Killjoy for life- until I join the Black Parade ;)