1. louis tomlinson,one direction
2. zayn,one direction
3. one direction
4. spirit stallion of the cimmeron,spirit running with the eagle
5. spirit stallion of the cimmeron,spirit rearing
6. spirit stallion of the cimmeron,spirit funny face
7. the lion king,death to the king mufusa
8. icijou
9. Hanabusa Aido off VAMPIRE KNIGHT
10. ezio
11. link
12. bisen horse
13. altair
14. altair
15. altair
16. black panther
17. hare
18. mammoth
19. Hanabusa Aido off VAMPIRE KNIGHT
20. soul breach
21. the logo for luck blown away by love
22. delta off luck blown away by love
23. this is alfa and alkatra off luck blown away by love
24. manga soldier
25. link legend of zelda spirit tracks
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19, Female
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ok i love drawing and reading and playing video games cause yeah well its fun and i love animals,school alright just the homework is annoy,i like to be with friends,im always looking for something new to draw and when i get requests i often drag them out cause i get distracted lol.i love going to resturants but if u new me it would seem like i wouldnt like them much.
Tools of the trade
charcoal,f,4h,h,2b,3b,4b,6b,,hb,b,7b,8b,5h,texta/felt pens,oh and i use mostly FABER-CASTELL, blending stumps and what ever else i can use to blend
drawing of course,xbox,ipod,shopping(for games),playing world of warcraft,reading books,running or riding scooter,
Favourite books
assassins creed"renaissance",call of the wild,white fang,off white,vampire knight(manga), assassins creed'brotherhood' the book, twilight, umm well i suppose ishould buy a new book soon
Favourite movies
the hunger games,the lion king 1,2,3,narnia,nightmare before chrismas,beetle juice,the rocky horror picture show,the adams family values,the brothers grimm,spirit stallion of the cimarron,real steel,spice and wolf(anime)rosario + vampire (anime)wolfs rain(anime)vampire knight(anime)vampire knight guilty(anime)bleach(anime)fairytale(anime),ouran high host club(anime)
Favourite music
emimen,360,skrillex,qwote,world of warcraft soundtrack,spirit stallion of the cimarron soundtrack,LMFAO,coldplay,captainsparklez(youtube minecraft parody songs),toby turner( does literial trailers and others),LaRoux,owl city,FUN.,vampire knight soundtrack,taio cruz,lena(satellite of eurovision),train, greenday , ed sheeran, maroon 5,
n/a and does anyone actually stil have this