1. In space 2011 drawing
2. Penelope the Pony
3. My drawing of Sonic the hedgehog
4. Sonia from Sonic Underground
5. The falling city
6. Blue Bird
7. Amy Rose2
8. Amy Rose1
9. Knuckles the echidna
10. Sally Acorn
11. Baby Shadow
12. Sonic underground sketch
13. Tails Prower
14. The last stop of the day
15. My panda in digital art
16. Imagine creativity
17. A short Sonic madeup comicstrip page 3 of 3
18. A short Sonic madeup comicstrip page 2
19. A short Sonic made up comicstrip page one
20. Ichigo and Renji
21. Toshiro hitsugaya New look
22. Hello
23. Frog
24. My little pony sketch
25. Angel beats lost drawing
26. Lighting Mcqueen line art
27. My valentines bear finished version
28. My no name character I made of a story im making
29. Cute Cartoon wolf
30. Cute little pigs drawing
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I'm a self taught artist :) Drawing is the only thing im good.. I've been drawing since I was 11, but I wasn't quite serious then. I started to get serious with drawing around the age of 13. My real name is Melissa, Drawing was more of an on and off thing. Sometimes I would go a long time without drawing, and other times I would be drawing all day. My youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/meLissaTHeArTist SUBSCRIBE if you like my art.
Tools of the trade
Pencils (HB, 2B, 4B, Prismacolors anything I can find to use example; Crayolas, CraZart, Roseart color pencils and markers. I used to outline everything in black pen but then I realize that it doesn't look okay on everyting (black pen rolling ball precise V5 extra fine). The paper I use is mostly computer paper, other type of paper heavyweight paper(I went to office max to buy it)
Drawing,working, and creating characters. I've been improving my drawing skills for an advanced experience. I practice, challenge myself to draw... so I can be good at it. I'm good at drawing cartoons ,anime and creatures. I can also draw realistic but, I take too long drawing realistic Im a teen so I like to text, chat and Play online games xD My favorite sports is basketball and volleyball.
Favourite books
I don't read much, only if it's interesting. My favorite show is bleach. other animes; Angel Beats, Inuyasha and Naruto:P ( I really don't like naruto I stopped like in first season It was boring)
Favourite movies
Hunger Games, Avatar,Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The Last Airbender, etc and a ton load of other movies.
Favourite music
Metallica,Evanescence,Muse ,Eminem,30 Seconds to Mars, Selena gomez, I have a lot of favorite songs! I have to say I like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Train, Selena Gomez, Michael Jackson,Ke$ha, Niki Manaj, Rockwell,Taylor Swift and you get the point I have a lot of favorite music.
just comment if you need to talk to me
I forgot my password so, I can't login to myspace and it's lame anyways
My facebook is private >.< I won't tell ya bcause it's private, I might tell you personal.
Never had one