1. L and L
2. Chuckie from Rugrats
3. Chibi Snow White
4. Chich Ich and Ora
5. Chibi Cloud
6. Chibi Cell
7. Charmander
8. Byakuya Kuchiki
9. Buzz Lightyear
10. Brian Griffin
11. Boy and Girl Kissing
12. Black Cat
13. Black Cat
14. Ben 10
15. Bambi
16. Bakugan Dragon
17. Anime Girl 1
18. RukiaKuchiki from Bleach
19. Keiichi from Ahh My Goddess
20. Byakuya Kuchiki
21. Renji Abarai
22. L from Death Note
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United Kingdom
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I love drawing... I get a little too excited when I pick up my pencil... If the mood is set correctly... I could get lost in my work... And it may turn out better or in a different picture then first planned... I am a nice person dont worry :) I would happy hear anyone's troubles and give advice at the best of what I can... Hope we can have a little chat sometime :)
Tools of the trade
Anything I can get my hands on really... But personally a 2B pencil is my friend...
Drawing, Playing games, Watching Anime or Biking :D
Favourite books
I dont really read unless its Manga... Then it would be Battle Royale...
Favourite movies
Toy Story is my all time favourite :) I grew up with these :)
Favourite music
Im a heavy music lover me... That or I like a bit of Japanese /Anime Soundtracks :)