1. Panda coloured
2. Spawn mit colour
3. Elven Archer Coloured
4. Ezio coloured
5. Hobbes Coloured
6. Dark Wolf
7. Pokemon Card (Not that kind)
8. Hobbes the Tiger
9. Sly Cooper
10. Manic the Hedgehog
11. Princess Sally
12. Shadow and Miles coloured
13. Shadow Smoking
14. Smile mit colour
15. Smile
16. Suck it some more
17. Suck it, Sonadow
18. Yeah, I know
19. Clocker
20. Ministry Logo
21. Rough Garrus Vakarian
22. Sonic on robot head
23. Miles With Comic
24. KABOOM Sonic
25. Human Surfer Sonic
26. The Iron Maiden
27. Cacodriod
28. Rust Angel
29. Justin the Adventurer
30. Seargent Engine
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United Kingdom
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I'm a hostile, unsociable, miserable, nihilistic pessimist. I've been called cynical before, by a stuck up moron, and that's not entirely a joke... It probably goes without saying that I like to draw, I usually do characters or logos I'm familiar with from Animations or Video Games. I'm alright at it... I like lots of music, but probably hate your music, so just don't ask. " Absurdity has Become Necessity"
Tools of the trade
...A pencil, a rubber... a sharpener...sometimes a pen. Oh, and paper, that helps too! Got a Wacom A5 intuos3, which is pretty handy too, and use the program GIMP because it's free and the name made me laugh...
Eating, sleeping, drinking excessive quantities of alcohol and, of course, drawing. I Play Bass, too, but I'm not that good...
Favourite books
Isaac Asimov's "Robot Visions". K-Pax, don't remember who wrote that...Ahzirr Trajijazeri by Anonymous. Alan Moore's Neonomicon, V for Vendetta and Watchmen. Warren Ellis' Blackgas.
Favourite movies
Dog Soldiers. Wild at Heart. From Dusk 'til Dawn. Silence of the Lambs. The Evil Dead trilogy. Strange Days. Hardware. Tremors 2. Machete. Cowboy Bebop. Sky Blue. Drive Angry. Midnight Express. Blue Velvet. Aliens. Predator. Terminator 2. Die Hard.
Favourite music
All about Eve. Black Sabbath. The Cure. The Cult. Danzig. Die Krupps. Fields of the Nephilim. Gary Numan. Godflesh. Juno Reactor. Killing Joke. KMFDM. Laibach. The Mission UK. Ministry. Nine Inch Nails. Ozric Tentacles. Prong. Primus. PWEI. The Sisters of Mercy. Siouxsie and the Banshees. Skinny Puppy. Tool. Type O Negative.