1. Skeleton Tattoo
2. Naruto Village Symbols
3. Zombie Werewolf
4. Angel
5. Banshee
6. Zombie Unicorn
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20, Female
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Not really sure what to write about myself, but people usually describe me as really quiet, although what they dont know is that if they got to know me, i probably wont shut up :) My friends say im loud, funny, laid back, easy to talk to, pretty and all that good stuff..but theyre friends, so of course theyre going to say things like that? Ive been drawing ever since i was little, my mum wanted to be an artist, so i would sit there with her and draw, ,paint, or even just watch. When i grew up abit, i didnt draw as much, then one day i just felt like drawing. After searching some pictures on the web, i noticed that some had 'dragoart' in the corner, so, i googled it, and found this amazing place! I think i spent about 3 days non stop on here. Anyways, even if im not the best, i love to draw, and no one can take that away from me :)
Tools of the trade
Usually the first decent pencil i can lay my hands on .
Drawing, anime, manga, sleeping, eating - the usual .
Favourite books
I dont really read....
Favourite movies
Twilight, The Hunger Games, Ted, Avatar, The Lion King, Toy Story, Dear John, The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, Happy Feet, Ps I Love You, How To Train A Dragon, The Notebook - homestly, i think my list could go on forever. It would proabably be shorter if i put movies i didnt like
Favourite music
You For Me - Terra Naomi (discovered her on youtube <3)
Why would i own a website ?
Dont have one
Isnt this old ?
Yes i have one ;)
I dont like tweeting