1. Tropical Birds
2. Tree of Life
3. Mountain Sketch
4. Fish Painting
5. Fire Puppy
6. emo luv
7. Chibi Puppy (animated)
8. Chibi Puppy
9. Chibi Dragon
10. Chibi Kitty
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United States
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Hi I'm chibilolcatz, and welcome to my profile, stalker :) Well it says "About Me" so I guess I should write "About Me". I love art (that's why i'm on dragoart.com. duh.) And I like to write books. I'm working on one. Always fiction. And always includes epic fight scenes. Anyway, I also like to draw chibis. And I love reading manga. Like the real kind that's Japanese and backwards and all that. My dream would to have my own manga/anime book published. I got book writing and art skills, so Why not? I also love making origami. I can make boats, birds, dragons, you name it. For things not artsy, I like to surf, skateboard, and play guitar. Not in to team sports. I love all animals and I've always wanted a dog but could never get one. I have two parakeets and a cat. That's about it. Please subscribe to rockstarsurfer on youtube. Thanks. Bye!!!
Tools of the trade
Pens, pencils, brushes, paints, unicorns, the usual...
Pretty much said in the about me, but... surfing guitar playing drawing, painting, e.t.c skateboarding origami book writing
Favourite books
Harry Potter!!! XD The books I write Dragon Drive Maximum Ride Percy Jackson
Favourite movies
Harry Potter and the deathly hallows PART 2! (and all the other ones) kung fu panda XD Napolean Dynamite Transformers 1 (third one sucked)
Favourite music
music??not big listener... anything rock