1. Just a Cat
2. St Nikola Nicholas
3. Just Another Girl
4. Fallen Angel
5. Belle
6. Some Girl
7. Quite Old Lady
8. The beauty and the beast
9. Little Panda
10. Little Panda
11. Little Panda
12. Let me suck your blood colored
13. Let me suck your blood
14. Angel and Demon
15. My professor
16. Konan
17. palino
18. palino
19. Angelina Jolie
20. another and another
21. Santa
22. just another girl
23. turtle and rabbit
24. Bambi
25. another girl by me
26. another girl by me
27. Sasuke
28. Hinata
29. girl
30. Uzumaki Naruto
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Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of
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I am coming from Macedonia. Before my 14th I though that I don't have some special talent for drawing as the people were saying. Later on, I have little brother and He was like begging me to draw him panda and Palino, The Ugly Duck, everything, and yes you can find them in my gallery and I agreed and started drawing for him. I was even suprised when I saw that the faces come as they really are ... o.O From than on, I started liking drawing even more, I have one notebook where I always draw. Only some good drawings come here (sorry for bro Itachi but ... :/). Friends now usually ask me to draw them one of my last drawings (Angel/Demon) so I must work hard everyone to like it. Well I think I even said much more than needed. ... . opss. .. :/
Tools of the trade
drawing, writing.
Favourite books
I don't have some special, maybe ''Inferno'' but Dante.
Favourite movies
Harry Potter. The lord of the rings. Troy. Kingdom of Heaven. The Rum Diary.
Favourite music
I listen everything.