1. The Lovely Bones Suzie
2. twenty eight weeks later
3. Chipp Zanuf Guilty Gear
4. Lili Tekken 5
5. Naruto Shippuden pain
6. Naruto episodes Kiba
7. Final fantasy Lightning
8. silent hill pyramid head
9. Naruto Shippuden Jugo
10. naruto shippuden Dog Realm
11. Chloe Grace Moretz
12. Guity Gear Ino
13. Left 4 Dead Hunter
14. Left 4 Dead Tank
15. Tekken 5 Jin
16. Drawing Of A Baby
17. Devil Jin Tekken 5
18. werewolf face
19. Drawing Of A Chick
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22, Male
New Zealand
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Well i live in new zealand..yeaa.. i just got back into parkour again because its really fun and i hate wasting time inside cuz it makes me feel lazy. Drawing and painting to me is awesome coz i like to look at what ive done and it makes me feel good when i hear whoaa that looks mean :) I want to learn as many different things that i can to make my artwork look awesome im not really good with colors and when i try to color a picture it usually looks all stuffed up and ugly. My New Acc on dragoart is "dummie" i only made it because dragoart was updated before and i didnt no how 2 use it and also i lost my password and didnt no how 2 change it.. :/
Tools of the trade
STAEDTLER Tradition HB And A Nieki 2B Pencil, Normal Useless rubber, A4 Visual Diary And My Artistic hands lol
Parkour Playing guitar watching movies making videos and music hanging out with friends..and doing parkour. listening 2 music
Favourite books
hmm i dont really read books because they all arent the type i would read.
Favourite movies
mostly movies with zombies, vampires, werewolves or anything scary. i hate zombie movies when people are dying to zombies that are ultra slow..and i hate movies when they have all these guns and some random person is using a shotgun and he runs outta bullets and then they look at their shotgun and they throw it away, when they have like those belt things around their chest that are like filled with shotgun bullets..
Favourite music
i listen to heaps of different types of music. Red, KillSwitch engage, paramore, evanessence, bullet for my valentine, bcomplex, kromabis, mt eden dubstep, unconscious perception, john.h clarke, guilty gear, 3doors down, buckethead, creed, disturbed, gary moore, joe satriani, shapeshifter, jimi hendrix, Kings Of Leon..yeah i have heaps more but the list would be to long. i dont really like that hip hop RnB stuff, they are annoying and sound the same..and thats the music every1 i no listens 2 so yeaa..its gets annoying when you have 2 listen to music you dont like everyday.
Wooo Red Bull
Wooo Art Of Motion
UrbanFreeFlow Ftw!