1. The Heart of One Piece
2. Mr Sinister
3. Sabertooth
4. Sentinel
5. Brawn Intelligence
6. Battle X
7. Old Friends
8. Storm
9. Cyclops
10. Wolvie s Best
11. Wolverine
12. Batmobile
13. Talia
14. Evil Batgirl
15. Batgirl Sketch
16. Poison Ivy
17. Love Blossoms
18. The Greatest Gift
19. Got Milk
20. Koopa Killaz
21. None Shall Enter
22. Left for Dead
23. Lady Seven and Lady Eight
24. Lady Five and Lady Six
25. Lady Three and Lady Four
26. Lady One and Lady Two
27. Second Colored Flyer
28. First Colored Flyer
29. Clearer Image
30. Flyer for Third Eye Production
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27, Unspecified
United States
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I've always wanted to draw just like my dad; but i sucked at it and no one would teach me. So i began to teach myself when i found this site back in 2008. Now i do a decent job at drawing. I'm not the best but now, I can certainly draw better than most people i know.
Tools of the trade
Pencils, 4H, mechanical pencils, color pencils
drawing (duh!), listening to music (music is life), youtube, daydreaming, love watching football and boxing, singing when no one's around
Favourite books
Of Mice & Men, The Color of Water, In Cold Blood, The Goddess series by P.C. Cast (fave is Goddess of the Rose), The Shack
Favourite movies
all the X-Men movies, Incredible Hulk, Cinderella Man, Princess and the Frog, 300, Riddick, Rio, pretty much anything with Russel Crowe or Nicholas Cage
Favourite music
Pink, Alicia Keys, Skillet, TFK, Christina Aguilera, MJ, Stevie Wonder, Katy Perry