1. Magnolia
2. Knight
3. Jedi Mickey
4. Halloween
5. Duke University
6. Droopy Dog
7. Cruella de Vil
8. Cinderella
9. Butterfly
10. Tiger Cub
11. Banshee
12. Dance
13. R2D2
14. Legolas
15. Maximum Ride
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22, Female
United States
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I am: Sarcastic Resonable Hard-working Among other things ...
Tools of the trade
Mostly pencils and color pencils plus a Sharpie to go over the lines, but occasionally I'll use markers.
Dancing Writing Singing Drawing (obviously) Hanging out with friends I enjoy traveling to other places and trying new things. I'm really interested in becoming a fiction novelist after college. Plus some other stuff that I can't think of right now ...
Favourite books
Harry Potter Lord of the Rings Maximum Ride Twilight Saga (kinda) Ranger's Apprentice ... Those are the main ones, but I read a lot so ...
Favourite movies
Harry Potter Underword Trilogy Lord of the Rings Indiana Jones series The Mummy Trilogy (though, I only really watch the first one) Again, those are the main ones, and I watch a lot of movies too so ...
Favourite music
I listen to pretty much anything that has good lyrics and/or a good beat. Iron and Wine, The Offspring, Nickleback, Eminem, Jay-Z, Carrie Underwood, a little Disney, Avril Lavigne, the Band Perry, Michelle Branch, Vannessa Carlton, Taylor Swift, Beasty Boys, Backstreet Boys, ect. Yeah, like I said; I listen to pretty much everything. *shrug*