1. Anime chibi me
2. music chibi
3. scene pikachu boy
4. Random girl
5. Chibi girl new
6. ryuke cooro apples
7. black and white love
8. My mums christmas present
9. my friends and me as our fav animal
10. little animals in love
11. chibi girl
12. falling flower
13. wilting flower
14. voodoo group shot
15. chibi voodoo pirate and knite
16. chibi ninja voodoo
17. Ichigo half hollow
18. blue angel anime girl
19. doctor who christmas
20. chibi toshiro in gigi
21. my bird
22. male anime side view
23. lorakeet
24. ichigo (behinde)
25. female body (how to draw)
26. anime star cat girl
27. anime boy
28. My Cousins Drawing
29. Toshiro
30. Blue eye
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20, Female
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I am 13 and I LOVE anime. I have an acount on facebook, I am an extremly mad fan of doctor who and an even bigger fan of BLEACH!!!I also have an obsesion with birds... an I wish to one day have ton of them :P In my primary school I was VERY bad at drawing but now that I am in high school and going on dragoart I am alot better and am still improving in my artwork. I live in Australia and hate the stereo type that has been given to us! I am very difrent from everyone els but if I were the same I would have no individuality would I?
Tools of the trade
pencel(HB,2B etc...), coloured pencels, texters, eraser, felt tip pen (all sizes), sharpener. and on the computer I use paintbrush, pixen and tuxpaint.
DRAWING, tiequando, origame, watching......DOCTOR WHO and BLEACH and READING MANGA. I also have a habit of making up cool enventions like a bin you can attach to your dask or a sharpener with an erasor on it.
Favourite books
the Percy Jackson series, Doctor who books, mangas like BLEACH, ouran high school host club, +anima, fairy tail, death note, naruto and other stuff like that...
Favourite movies
death note (movie) and all the Bleach movies!!! I like anything made by Studio Ghibli. LOIN KING!!!!!!!!! It was my fav movie when I was little... sherlock holmes 1&2, most of the pokemon movies and action movies.
Favourite music
chemelian curcit (doctor who songs), miku hatsune and songs that aren`t all edited like Ke$ha, but I will dance to them at partys and other socal events... I don't want to be a party pooper.
oh I cant tell you!!!!!!
I have one....but I cant tell you ;)