1. Simone simons
2. chibi
3. Jessicka
4. amy lee
5. EMilie autumn
6. Tarja
7. hell worm
8. Faerie
9. Faerie
10. andy biersack
11. my character murda
12. my character murda
13. amy lee
14. andy biersack
15. andy biersack
16. sketchy sketch
17. Ashley Purdy
18. Anime boy
19. Skull
20. crying eye
21. Sad Girl
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United States
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konichiwa! im ema. i love art and music, its my life :) i draw lots of creepy stuff, but i can also draw happy stuff too. i luv anime and japan. i also luv metal music along with some other genres :P thats about it. bye ^_^
Tools of the trade
6b, 8b, carbon hard, carbon medium, carbon ex soft, charcoal and tortillions.
metalhead,yoga, pilates, veganism, animal rights, drawing, painting, anime, reading manga, reading books, playing videogames (mostly zelda and final fantasy :3 )writing songs, im creating a manga rite now, writing stories, writing graphic novels, anykind of art, listening to music, playing guitar, playing piano, playing flute, singing and gothic/victorian style.
Favourite books
Vlad tod, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemnist, Mugen Spiral, The Sight, Angels and Demons, The girl with the dragon tatoo
Favourite movies
requiem for a dream,final fantasy advent children, it, knowing, the fifth element, edward scissorhands, the corpse bride, alice in wonderland, the nightmare before christmas, the love guru, kung fu panda, horton hears a who,silnce of the lambs.
Favourite music
Emilie Autumn Nightwish Evanescence Behemoth Children Of Bodom Epica Marilyn Manson Murderdolls Avenged Sevenfold The Birthday Massacre Within Temptation Dir en grey Sirenia Otep Metallica Therion Norther Opeth Venom Cannibal Corpse Xandria Flyleaf The Agonist Bauhaus We Are The Fallen Moonspell The 69 Eyes Megadeth Alice Cooper Cradle of Filth Graveworm Lacuna Coil ReVamp Sevendust Siouxsie Sioux & the Banshees Beneath the Massacre Alice in Chains Iron Maiden Apocalyptica Jack Off Jill Dethklok Disturbed Incubus Nirvana Nine Inch Nails Dominia HIM Type O Negative Nightmare Angelspit The GazettE tarja Theatre of Tragedy After Forever Pink Floyd Gallhammer Xerath Sabbat KISS Motley Crue Slipknot Jeordie Wh