1. baseball player
2. hawksong the book
3. church
4. town
5. slowbro
6. evil castle
7. moon
8. messed up teddy bear
9. snake
10. rose
11. wolf
12. twilight
13. abstract
14. piggy
15. candles and music what a combonation
16. two totally random things
17. its a skull with a buddy
18. its a rabbit
19. breaking heart
20. gir
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United States
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Hey my name is Allison. My life is a constant twister of stuff i can't control. I guess i'm like everyone else on Earth. I eat, sleep, and stuff like that. I'm in love with this dude on the internet. His name is tucker. The suckish thing is that i'll never meet him.
Tools of the trade
pencil duh eraser double duh paper duh to the third power wait paper isnt a tool is it?
drawing duhhhhh, reading, sitting down and looking at walls... lol not really
Favourite books
not twilight, keisha ra den of shadows series, nightworld series, maximmum ride series, inheritance cycle, harry potter series, etc
Favourite movies
titanic, avatar, 2012
Favourite music
breaking benjamin, linkin park, paramore, eminem, evanescence, lady gaga, and everything else thats totally awesome
you wish
lol like i would tell all of you
same as my space