1. I scream for icecream
2. Kissys
3. Neverending rollercoaster
4. Mario Kids
5. Elctros
6. Just anotherchibi
7. Smiling is always fun
8. The Jungly Jungle
10. Bunches of fruits
11. You and My Heart
12. Cute is hard
13. Smoking Gangster Stewie
14. Sad Octibubble
15. Tammy the Turtle
16. Sad Chibi Narto
17. Hearts and Dove
18. Chibi Suzy
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I've always been in love with drawing but OMG MY MOUNTAIN DEW FELL!!!! Sorry but i'm not an amazing drawer.
Tools of the trade
What I usually use is a pencil and a Pink Eraser and sometimes use a black Sharpie to outline and make it colourful.
My hobbie(s) are soccer,volleyball,basketball and this group called Girls On The Run it's about finding out who you are and what you are and what you enjoy but at the same time running at the end you run a 5k (3.1 miles) i've been in this group for about 8 weeks and total I think I have ran about 40 laps around my schools playground,thats really good for the amount of time we get..
Favourite books
My favorite book SERIES are the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid but my favorite BOOK is the book called Olive's Ocean.
Favourite movies
My favorite movie would probably be Yogi Bear (in 3D) it's a really cute but sad movie and funny mixed in!
Favourite music
My favorite music would be Chritian Rap but my favorite song would defintley be East to West by Casting Crowns.