1. Tardis
2. Bald villan
3. Frustration 2011
4. Plain girl
5. Purple haired girl
6. Blue haired girl
7. Therru (Tales from Earthsea)
8. Kon (Bleach)
9. Howl
10. Oswald the rabbit
11. Missy
12. Dai
13. Angelina blue eyes
14. Campervan
15. Astroboy
16. Paprika
17. Bluemyst
18. Gir with the earth
19. Welsh Dragon face view
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34, Female
United Kingdom
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I live in Wales (UK) & due to my disabilites I draw a lot to keep myself busy & happy. I love learning new drawing styles & I like browsing the great tutorials on here.
Tools of the trade
I mainly draw fantasy & manga so most of my drawing materials are fine liner pens, fountain pens, charcoal pencils, graphite pencils. I also love to paint with acrilic paints & enjoy drawing on acetate paper. In the last year I have been experiementing with sketchbook pro on the iPad using a pogo sketch stylus. Ocaasonially I use my Wacom Tablet Intuos4, but I havent found any art software that I get along with yet. *UPDATE* I have purchased sketchbook pro on the new mac app store for my Macbook - fantastic saving on the software compared to the sketchbook website. For the last week I have been using soley sketchbook pro on the mac with my wacom intuos 3 graphics tablet. Fantastic software & I'm hoping that I will soon have artwork to be very proud of on my computer.
Drawing, gaming, reading.
Favourite books
Harry potter, skullduggery pleasant series, farside galleries comics, marvel comics, calvin & hobbes.
Favourite movies
Disney films epecially the nightmare before christmas, marvel films & a lot more (will update later).
Favourite music
Rock, film soundtracks