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22, Female
United States
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Well right now im 14... ( i turn 15 in August ) Im a mexican lol (que bueno) ...im an amateur but i love to draw anyway....I found this website wen i was looking for something good replicate... i like drawing characters from Naruto and i thank my (guy) cousins for showing me the passion that i have now for drawing ....my first lesson was from wen i was in 4th grade lol and at my school i would always get tutorial drawing books lol....u just gotta love them :P ....lol well more about my personality ....im a fun loving girl that loves to draw if i havnt made that clear already lol.. I love to laugh.... i dont like reading unless it has good pictures (in other words little kid books) lol i just wich the books for highschool had good books with good drawings in them lol ...... i have cool and crazy friends i love my family and also hanging out with my friends..... lol .....if ya wanna get to kno me just talk to me lol :P ( no weirdos plz :P ) If you couldnt tell im a bit random
Tools of the trade
Paper & Pencils lol
DRAWING lol :P hehe
Favourite books
NONE unless they involve drawing lol :P
Favourite movies
I actually dont have a favorite right now but I LOVE Comedy type movies even tho they can be a lil perverted lol i dont mind it.....I HATE scary movies lol i WAS tormented by Chuckie wen i was a kid (im not sure about it now :P )
Favourite music
Hip Hop, R&B, Rock , Pop, Heavy Metal, Metal, basically if it has a good beat i can listen to it unless its COUNTRY!!!! occasionally i will like a Country song but hardly ever
not sure wat it is lol :P
dont have one lol :P