1. DeviantID for DeviantArt
2. Okame Redraw
3. Chibi Sora
4. A new Kingdom Hearts OC, Layla
5. Ben In Dark Archangel Form
6. Chibi Nyo
7. Nova, an anime girl
8. An anime bust of myself
9. An Anime Angel
10. Regality Keyblade
11. Nyo, a Kitsune Boy
12. Lamentation Keyblade
13. Chibi Mel
14. Blackjack Keyblade
15. A dragon
16. Ezio Auditore
17. Anime Me
18. Bestrafung Keyblade Design
19. New and Improved Ben
20. My best phoenix drawing EVER
21. Chibi Okame
22. Improvements on Okame
23. Okame Morimoto, my original Final Fantasy character
24. Diamond Chested Phoenix
25. Elven Archer
26. Facial Expressions
27. Random Anime punk dude
28. Shading Experiment
29. Anime Marshmallow
30. Kingdom Hearts Heartless
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I'm a freshman in high school. I do not currently take art classes, but I intend to in my sophomore year. I own a website for mainly Kingdom Hearts fanfiction and other fanfiction(The link is in my contact options. Feel free to join!)
Tools of the trade
A small sketchbook, manga pens, drawing rubber, set of professional drawing pencils (8B to 2H)
Writing fanfiction, sketching, reading, playing World of Warcraft and other video games.
Favourite books
Deathnote manga, The Hunger Games Trilogy.
Favourite movies
Avatar. Nuff said. There is no better movie than that.
Favourite music
Third Day, Two Steps From Hell, Bobby McFerrin (AKA the guy who originally sang "Don't Worry, Be Happy). Antoine Dodson's Bed Intruder Song.