1. Stacy Kiebler
2. my girl reggina
3. Razor Ramon
4. Freddy Krueger dream scene
5. my puppy butters
6. Elmo Valentine
7. cartoon style grim reapor
8. cool Freddy Krueger picture scene
9. Freddy Krueger
10. mike myers
11. Kitana
12. Custom Character
13. Custom mortal Kombat fighter
14. Slimer
15. Baby Freddy Krueger
16. scorpion vs subzero
17. Warrior vs Hogan Wrestlemania 6
18. tiger
19. Sub Zero
20. my female ninja mk character
21. Crazy dog
22. my mortal kombat female character
23. Black Widow
24. T rex
25. GIZMO from the gremlins
26. Papa shango
27. honda cr250
28. killer clowns from outerspace
29. jason voorhees by the lake
30. freddy kruger
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United States
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love to draw been at it since i was real little..other than that i watch alot of movies and make music and ride dirtbikes
Tools of the trade
just pencil colored pencils and markers!! sharpies :p
drawing, dirtbikes, music
Favourite books
hmmmm...not a big reader but i always liked goosbumps books
Favourite movies
and nightmare on elm st..pretty much too much to list lol
Favourite music
i like the 80's music like motley crue..etc.. and rap