1. Two Dragons
2. Bunch of symbols
3. Flower
4. Sun and moon
5. Dragon eye 2
6. Dragon eye 1
7. A modified picture from Dawns tutorial
8. Burning rose
9. My version of Synyster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold
10. My Version of Andy Sixx from the Black Veil Brides
11. My First Oil Painting
12. Random girl
13. Cat lady
14. Kitty
15. Fairy
16. Fire Breathing Dragon
17. My other version of people kissing
18. This is my version of how to draw people kissing from Dawns tutorial
19. Dragon head
20. Dragon eye doodles
21. Dragon
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United Kingdom
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My name is Hayley Allen, I am 18 years old, back in May I was rejected from my local college's art course, they said to me that I have no talent and that also I have depression therefore they could not accept my application, after this I stopped drawing completly because I believed what they said to me, a few months later I was bored at home and desided on a whim to google how to draw, this is how I found this site, I thought to myself what harm could it do to pick up a pencil and draw again, upon completion of one of Dawns tutorials it looked amazing I fell back in love with drawing again, I went to a local artshop and to go and get some supplies, showing the store clerk (who does night drawing classes) my art work they told me that the college was wrong for what they said to me, after that I desided to build up a portfolio of my art work and try again.
Tools of the trade
Paper and a HB pencil
Drawing, Painting, Needlecraft, anything to do with art
Favourite books
Autobiographies, William Shakespeare, Dick King-Smith, Roald Duhl
Favourite movies
Horrors and comidies
Favourite music
ESCAPE THE FATE (YUMMMMMMMMY), Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot, Stone Sour and other metal, heavy metal, post-hardcore, rock and some pop (in consideration)