1. Elricest
2. Toshiro hitsugaya
3. Squee
4. Saix from kingdom hearts
5. Namine
6. chibi l 2
7. Chibi L
8. Goten
9. Ichigo Kurosaki
10. Yamamoto Takeshi from Katekyo Hitman Reborn
11. Zexion
12. the somebody of zexion from kingdom hearts
13. Yamamoto Gokudera and Tsunayoshi
14. Demmy
15. last ichigo 4 today
16. hollow ichigo 2
17. Hollow Ichigo 1
18. Sawada Tsunayoshi the Tenth Vongola Boss
19. Sasagawa Ryohei ten year form
20. Katekyo Hitman Reborn
21. Lance from Symbonic Titan
22. Hibari Kyoya
23. Gir
24. Danny Phantom
25. Wepons
26. Sasuke Uchiha
27. Super Saiyen 4 Goku
28. Soul Eater Evans
29. Roy Colonel Mustang
30. RQ at School
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With permission from my parents, I joined DragoArt when I was 10. I am 15 now, and plan to upload my improvement over these few years. Though difficult, I want to be an artist, and a writer. My username no longer has to do with me 100%, so stop spamming me about it. I write poetry, Fanfiction, and read when I can. Sadly, as of early 2013, I was diagnosed with narcolepsy in my freshman year. This has cause less artwork, less of anything really, therefore, I may not be active. I was never to begin with, but I want to come back to this community as I have matured.
Tools of the trade
Traditionally: HB Pencils, 0.9 Mech Pencil, PrismaPremier Manga Coloring Set, CrazArt Colored Pencils, Shading Pencils, Charcoal and Pastel Pencils Digitally: Bamboo Fun Tablet, Paint Tool SAI, GIMP, Manga Studio 5, IlluStudio,
Writing Poetry/Fanfiction, Tae Kwon Do
Favourite books
manga, maximum ride, Anything by Lisa Scottoline, James Patterson Dexter Series Rizzoli & Isles MAL (for manga): http://myanimelist.net/profile/xxxanimeftwxxx Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/16493748-k-c
Favourite movies
Norbit, Ace Attorney, Professor Layton & The Enternal Diva, Death Note, other anime movies
Favourite music
Usually rock and metal types, but also jazz and video game music. http://last.fm/user/theanimemaster Heck, I can play the oboe!
This you need to ask for. Valid reason