1. Agent P
2. Phineas
3. Candace
4. Perry the Platypus
5. Ferb
6. fairy 2
7. Alien
8. Fairy
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The cold facts has already been thrown at you, so we're going to skip them :) I'm studying a bachelor in international corporate communication, and to relax I started drawing! I didn't really have time to draw that much to draw though. Ironic ! But I intend to make time ! :) Because I want to get better. I focus on cartoon drawings because I just love cartoons, and I'm really impatient, so I'm not good with huge drawing projects (I tend to throw them out long before they are finished) Well, I guess that's it:)
Tools of the trade
reading, horses (oh yeah big time horse geek!), boyfriend and partying ! :) And my job at a bar.. (I have never recieved a paycheck.. instead I have a bar tap.. which my friends have misused!)
Favourite books
The list is way to long.. and besides.. most of them are from my country, so you probably wouldn't recognize them ! :)
Favourite movies
Favourite music
Tiësto.. no need to say more..