1. My Self News Page NK InDesign
2. NK Phone Tongue Design
3. NK Paper Cut Out Art
4. NK Dollar Design
5. NK Easter Egg Design and Notes
6. NK Poly Portrait
7. Blade Ornament Making
8. NK FunkoPop Design
9. FK Photoshop Popart Assignment
10. NK FB Like Arm Sketch
11. The Three Things NK
12. My New NK 2nd NK Art Folder Design Front N Back
13. IKrueger NK FK Logo Design
14. BLACK N WHITE NK FK Plastic Car Plate Colored
15. Illustrator Car Tag Design Progress
16. NK Keychain Lock Your Door
17. NK Key Chain Illustrator Design
18. NK Signature RE Style
19. NK Logo
20. NK Irken Signature
21. NK Irken Symbol Sketches
22. NK Screen Print Sheet Inked
23. NK Plastic Car Tag Sketch Complete
24. NK Shirt Design Print Final
25. NK Shirt Design Thumbnails
26. The War Treehouse Manipulation Art
27. NK Tattoo Thumbnails
28. NK shirt thumbnails sketches page
29. NK T shirt 1st final print sketch
30. NK License Plate Designs Graphics
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22, Female
United States
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Hi I am NK.
Tools of the trade
Pencils, pens, digital tools from Deviant Art and other apps, color pencils, graphite, black ink.
Giving you nightmares.
Favourite books
Thrillers, horror, art books, fictional, mystery, and weird.
Favourite movies
£ Freddy Vs Jason and all NK's Freddy films. £
Favourite music
Anything dark.