1. Juuzou Suuzya Fan Art
2. Satanic demon girl
3. A person from my school
4. Cute girl done with promarkers and prismacolor
5. Mermaid girl Lula colored with background
6. Foxy from five nights at freddys
7. Mermaid girl Lula
8. Chibi Vampire karin
9. Girl with beats headphones
10. This little Vampire Nightmares Jeremy
11. Too tanned girl
12. Girl girl
13. Just chillin girl
14. Happy holidays girl
15. Prayer girl
16. Demon boy
17. Yandere girl
18. Demon boy yandere girl
19. Girl semiface picture
20. Geisha that I drew but with computer edits
21. Geisha
22. HIM band logo with pattern
23. Thomas
24. Street boy Fred
25. Ninja Boy Kaito
26. Tennis boy
27. Cartoon animal penguin
28. Cyber Goth punk girl
29. Sad fairy an girl
30. Gloomy charcoal drawing girl
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United Kingdom
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I love watching TV my favourite programmes are yugioh (all 5 ones) My little monster and virtually anything on the music channels Kerrang and Scuzz.
Tools of the trade
I like just the simle pencil an paper black 'n' white pictures also like charcoal pencils
Drawing, been drawing since 2 got good at 3, listening to music and NO sports lol
Favourite books
Sailor moon, blood lad etc... Mostly gory or anime Manga stuff
Favourite movies
Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scissorhands, Dark Shadows, Tripple Dog, etc...
Favourite music
Rock, heavy metal some pop classic etc... Muse,My Chemical Romance,Black Veil Brides,Linkin Park,H.I.M,AC/DC,Blood On The Dance Floor,Nirvana,Green Day Nickelback Marilyn Manson, Andy Beirsack/Six/Black, Jeffree Star, Get Scared, Hollywood Undead, etc..
in the making once made maybe i'll tell
karinquinntellalive@outlook.com please feel free to email me anytime :)
i want a account but aint got 1
really? this is like well old?
a book about faces