1. animaniacs
2. curage,muriel, an eustace
3. the jetsons
4. the rubbles (flintstones)
5. the flintstones
6. dimitri
7. lucas
8. sabine
9. olivia
10. luna and artemis
11. cleveland
12. dorian
13. arctic fantasy
14. chris meg an the evil monkey
15. peter and lois
16. the simpsons
17. turtle
18. kitty
19. chibi cake slice
20. chibi cupcake
21. heart with rose
22. chibi batman
23. dorothy
24. chibi female vampire
25. baby tweety
26. female genie
27. genie from aladdin
28. chibi zombie
29. witch
30. mr peanut
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United States
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i'm 29, i live with my boyfriend, i have a dog and two kids, i have blue eyes i'm a natural blonde, but my hair is basically brown now, i live in the usa, i live in louisiana
Tools of the trade
pencils, color,markers, coloring pencils,pens, sometimes paint but i haven't painted in awhile
forrbidden garden, farmville, facebook in general drawing and reading, and watching t.v or netflix currently writing a short story i may try to publish,virtual villagers (currently on 4) virtual familes dream day series and build a lot games
Favourite books
crimson city series, twilight saga, the wonderful wizard of oz which is way better than the movie,sookie stackhouse series house of night series,sherlock holmes books, glory nights some like it hot, to hard to handle, or just romance sci-fi romance, pirate romance, gypsy romance, historical romance scotish romance or victorian romance
Favourite movies
the 10th kingdom,elvis movies,ever after,scooby movies, most vampire movies, joe dirt the parent trap new and original,lilo and stitch movies and series, zombieland,the lost boys 1-3 secret window,pirates of the carribean,just too many others to name
Favourite music
country,classic country,some classic rock, oldies (all the way back to the 50's)
michelle benoit johnson