1. Try to Take a Picture of Enrico
2. Luke Used Taunt
3. DALTON897 As a Lugia
4. Chubby Mike the Mewtwo
5. Genesect x Treecko
6. Me and Halo 4 Warrior
7. Happy and Full Riolu
8. Transforming Myself into a Deoxys
9. Chubby Snivy Loves Pokepuffs
10. Me and Halo 4 Warrior as Dragons
11. Flygon has a Treat
12. Snivy Inflation Request from Deviantart
13. Merman of Myself
14. Dr Schabbs, Wolfenstein 3D
15. Bring your Father to School Day, Resident Evil 2
16. Museum Snatcher Deoxys TF
17. Dark Hunter, Dark Samus
18. Metroid Prime 2 Ing
19. Flygon TF
20. Dead End
21. My Response to the Orphan Work Bill Bring Brought up for the THIRD Time
22. Alex Mercer Prototype
23. Snake Eyes Snivy
24. Helidos x Servano Collaboration
25. Leon Kennedy Resident Evil 4 Sketch
26. Green Dragon TF
27. Dark Assassin Noob Saibot
28. Netherrealm Warrior Scorpion
29. Soul Keeper Ermac
30. Arctic Sub Zero
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My second account, I changed accounts to make my profile look a bit more professional, I am certainly not ditching my old account, but I will be transferring the art over to this account. Anyways, back on track. I am an artist, gamer, reader, and a lot of other things. I started here on dragoart about a year or two ago. On my thirteenth birthday my parents got me an artist tablet because they noticed how much I loved art. I'm a huge video game fan, such as survival horror games like Resident Evil, Dead Space along with other games like pokemon, Metroid, Mortal Kombat, etc. I'm a very nice person as well, I might not be on too often cause I am a busy high school guy, Im planning to start over with my account, fresh and clean :) PLEASE READ!!!! I AM NOT A DATING GUY HERE. SO DON'T ASK, JUST BE A GOOD FRIEND OF MINE!
Tools of the trade
Art Tablet with GIMP, pencils and paper
Drawing, reading, running, playing clarinet, talking to friends, play video games, play with my pets, and other stuff XD
Favourite books
Ahh!! So many to list! The Outsiders, The Secret Life of Bees, The Bible, Goosebumps series, Cirque De Freak, and LOTS more
Favourite movies
Resident Evil Damnation, Mortal Kombat, First Blood, Star Wars saga, pokemon movies, Harry Potter, The Evil Dead Trilogy, and some others but I cant think of XD
Favourite music
I love video game music, I even like certain bands like Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Thousand Foot Krutch, and Metallica. I also love orchestrated music SOO much! Tbh, there isn't that many bands I don't like... except SOME!!
Sorry DX
Not telling unless i trust you
Faces and Books go together?
Dont have one