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United Kingdom
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NOW I'm 14!!! *balloons and stuff pop out of nowhere* WOOOO!!! Um..hello, I am someone you may call Nat. As you can probably tell already, I am really private at almost any sort of info about me! I hate people videoing me in general and taking pics of me at conventions like Sunnycon...oh and did I tell you? I'm a nerd!! Anime, manga, vocaloids, SOME comic heroes....mostly iron man and deadpool! DEADPOOL!!! XD anyway...this is stressful! I dunno what to write!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:!!!!!!!!! ... I'm okay now, well um........ Best Friend: emo_princess27 Relationship status: mentally dating many....many.....MANY anime characters! Favourite band/music: black veil brides, get scared, olly murs :3, my chemical romance, Linked Horizon, 30 seconds to mars, daughtry, bullet for my valentine, green day, pierce the veils, nightcore, nirvana XD I may be a pastel goth....I dunno.....XD Btw I love this face: XD
Tools of the trade
Um...pencil...pen? I get my inspiration randomly so they are basically the only things I have with me at that moment in time, don't judge me!!! XD
Going out, watching anime, write, draw, read manga, watch pewds and danandphil, eating, drinking, uh........oh yeah! I ALWAYS do that breathing thing! None stop! 24/7 !!!
Favourite books
The lovely bones, manga omfg manga!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies* Ehem...I'm back anyway.....do creepypastas count? If they do then: BEN Drowned, Ticci Toby, Jeff the Killer, 1999, Where The Bad Kids Go, Slenderman, Smile.jpg, The Russian Sleep Experiment, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Masky, Hoodie and..yeah XD
Favourite movies
ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!! *dies again* ... ... ... ... ... *revives* hello. Um....mortal instruments, now is good, the fault in our stars, contaigent, world war z, the hole ( a horror movie, not very scary but it shows fear in a new way....oh damn I am getting deep....NUUU!!!!!!) Anime: Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo(ABSOLUTE FAV: Ryuunosuke ^_^ <3 <3), Inuyasha(FAVOURITE BUT...NOT? DX), Attack on Titan, Clannad, Free!, Toradora, 11eyes, Death Note(KIND OF), Ranma 1/2, Another, Soul Eater(KIND OF), Ouran High School Host Club, Sword Art Online, ZAVION ~i wish you were here~,
Favourite music
Oh...they have this section?! Ohhhhhh!!!!! Black veil brides, nirvana, olly murs, my chemical romance, daughtry, 30 seconds to mars, peirce the veils, asking alexandria, green day, get scared, bullet for my valentine, nightcore, Linked Horizon- attack on titan fans will know who this is xD