1. Donald Duck
2. Zack
3. The Girl
4. Musical Instruments
5. Eye, nose, mouth and ear
6. Chess pieces
7. Indian
8. Magazine Photo
9. aboriginal
10. Crying girl
11. Stitch
12. Red Raven
13. Libra
14. Capricorn
15. Leo
16. Ghost Girl
17. Anime Marceline from Adventure Time
18. The Spiderman Spider
19. My Dragon
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My name is Natasha. I am 16, and I am one of those artsy kids. I am into the arts, like singing, dancing, acting, and drawing. I play the flute in my school band, and hope that I can continue playing it after I graduate high school. Ok let's see I have a friendly personality so don't be afraid to message me. I am into music and drawing. Next year in school I plan to take quite a few music and art classes. I also run cross country and track. I sometimes run for fun every so often, but in the end I'll get side tracked and find something to do that's even more interesting. So that's all for now catch you on the flip side.
Tools of the trade
I use a pencil and a line piece of paper or a blank one. Although I am finding new things to use. so that's always fun
I love to sing, dance, run, drawing , reading, play flute, learn new things, and creating new things
Favourite books
The chronicles of Nick, Harry Potter, Peter Pan, Percy Jackson, and The host
Favourite movies
Star wars, Harry potter, any disney movie (I'm a disney fan), and there are a few shows I like to. Once upon a time, and stitchers.
Favourite music
I like all kinds of music. Some genres I like are pop, rock, punk, emo, and others. Some of my favorite bands are Hey Monday, Sleeping with sirens, falling in reverse, the cab, Taylor swift, Lindsey Stirling, and cover artist like Sam Tsui, Alex Goot, and Julia Sheer.
Nope sorry I am not that cool XD
Yes, but only certain people know what it is
Nope sorry
Can you own a part of space? XD
I might have one, I might not who knows.
tweet tweet. Nope I like dragoart better.