1. L from death note i belive
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United States
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well im a 14 year old boy who is in school i love anime and i like to draw them too i like having friends but not to many im not so good with people. if i had to describe my self in one word its got to b unique.. yeah they is no one like me and i cant be repleas im also a bad speller hahah lol well if ull like to talk to me add me as a friend in my myspace youtube facebook or deviant art
Tools of the trade
well i use pen paper pencil colors and that`s all im not so good with computer drawings so i dont try and do it on the computer hehe
sleep !!! eat surprisily surprisaly what ever that word is im not fat hehe i like drawing hanging watching movies drawing reading having fun at looking at random stuff u in google lol
Favourite books
well its got to be Bleach but book book is this book whos name i for got but it was really good
Favourite movies
i love any thing that got to do with horror comedy and a little bit of action i also like fantasy si-fi and anime movies so far the bleach movies fade to black i call your name one of the best bleach movies so far i cant wait for the new one to come out im so exited
Favourite music
screamo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it i like all music exept country it so anoying but anything ill wound main =)