1. Doctor Who River Song
2. Minecraft Squid
3. Squid Girl
4. Doctor Who Amelia Pond 2
5. Doctor Who Rose Tyler
6. Vocaloid Miku Hatsune
7. Cry in the Rain
8. Pinkie Pie Human
9. Waddles Gravity Falls
10. Amy Brown Fairy drawing Foxglove
11. My little pony friendship is magic Primrose everdeen
12. Twilight Sparkle Gala
13. Giggles Happy Tree Friends
14. Flippy and Flaky Happy Tree Friends
15. Happy Tree Friends Lumpy
16. Carrot Top My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
17. OmNom
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United States
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I love mlp friendship is magic, mw3,bo2, hunger games, happy tree friends, being awesome, tobuscus, and climbing trees. I've been drawing for like ever, and if you send me a request, i might do it. idk. I love Legend of zelda, recently beat skyward sword and spirit tracks. I am a pegasister. Im good in a lot of subjects, but math is my least favorite. my favorite food is chicken, my favorite color is green and rainbow. I'm really random and have a medium number of friends. Im not afraid to speak my mind if someone is being mean or needs to chill out. My hair is red, eyes are green, medium length of hair. When you want me to do a tutorial, It will probably be on paper and drawn with a pencil. I will do the best i can to get you a tutorial, but it may not be in the best condition. Im good at tracing, and looking at a drawing to draw it. Im moving away from tracing so i can be a better artist. My favorite season is spring cuz all of the flowers. Please send in requests for art! If you want to add me
Tools of the trade
I'm one of those .people who's really simple. I draw with a pencil. and sai
Drawing and Climbing trees. gaming. kill the juggernauts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MW3 oh and black ops 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I play Minecraft!!!
Favourite books
The hunger gamez!
Favourite movies
The Hunger Games, The Host, and
Favourite music
I like one direction and taylor swift's music. my favorite songs; mermaid, jar of hearts, a thousand years, i like it like that, hall of fame, catch my breath, titanium, stronger, piano music, and pop. I play the saxaphone and piano.