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18, Female
United Kingdom
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I have been drawing all sorts of things ever since i can remember. The past few years, i have developed an obsession with all things anime and manga because seriously, it's AWESOME!!! If you have never had the pleasure of watching/reading it you should give it a try! I also love drawing it on photoshop and i hope i can upload some. (that is if i can figure out how! :') )
Tools of the trade
I prefer sketching with just a simple pencil but sometime i feel like going into more detail.i.e. painting. When i paint i use any random brushes i find lying around and either acrylic or watercolour paints to paint with. Now i sometimes use a Wacom Bamboo Tablet and draw on photoshop!
I did do horse riding last year... I like doing science experiments. Art club goes down well too. I find that gardening and cooking make me feel usefull! I'm also an Otaku nerd! (otaku - manga/anime nerd) Seriously i watch it for hours on end! It probably isn't that great for me!
Favourite books
Eragon is definately my fav book at the moment! Its about dragons! It's totally amazing! (by Christopher Paolini) Maximum Ride is the best series about kids with wings! (by James Patterson, check him out!) Hush Hush is also wholeheartedly recommended! As is: Fallen, Pendragon and Graceling. (i will post who the authors are soon) Manga: (i recommend these!) Ouran Highschool Host Club by Bisco Hatori (romance/comedy), Absolute Boyfriend (romance), Fushigi Yuugi (romance/adventure/bit of drama), MeruPuri (romance), Arata: the Legend (comedy/adventure), (As u can see i read alot of books!)
Favourite movies
Spiderman 1-3, The Hobbit, The hole, I am Number 4, Captain America, Batman, Anime: (i also recommend :) ) Ouran Highschool Host Club (i know, again. But this is my favourite one!! Romance/comedy), Genesis of Aquarion (also a 2nd series too. romance/action), Fairy Tail (action/comedy), Attack on Titan (action, also be aware it's quite gorey, loads of blood),
Favourite music
I don't tend to listen to much music but something that has some rhythm to it but doesn't make my head ring from listening to it for 2 seconds is fine by me. :) I have a fav band finally! Casting Crowns! (upbeat christian music)