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1. Katt Monroe
2. Anthro Wollf Sketch
3. Bethany
4. Shhh
5. TribalChu
6. Two Kinds
7. Human Tikal
8. Poor Sally
9. Blondie Outdoors
10. DragonSlayer Armor Sketch
11. Baby Belle
12. Unspoken
13. Kimono Kitty
14. Pen Skull
15. Vocaloid
16. Ah Paris
17. Pkmn Gurlz
18. Girl n Fairy Sketch
19. Kitty Captain
20. Just a girl
21. Toadstool Fairy
22. Untitled
23. Woooo
24. Sorry
25. Fur Beach
26. Lunch Time
27. Jammin
28. Mobius Girls
29. LoZ Shiek
30. Butterfly
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33, Male
United States
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Last login: 3 years ago
Profile views: 1917
Member since: Jan 05, 2013
I'm Mike and I've been gone for awhile but now I'm back, And I'm gonna draw like its 1999 ;)
Tools of the trade
0.7, No.2, and Colored Pencils. Occasionally Pens depending upon my mood :) Though I would like to learn how to draw with computer software as well.
Drawing, Coloring, Writing, Video Games, ect...
Favourite books
Dean Koontz and Stephen King are my two most enjoyed writers and I've read most of their works. Velocity by Koontz and Desperation by King are my two all time favorites. Basically I can lose myself in any Fiction novel and Fantasy novels can also hold my attention if they possess a solid story. I would make a list but that may take a while so I'll simply say, I love to read most things but I need to expand my view into Classic Novles as well.
Favourite movies
This may sound insane but I'm not much of a movie person. I'll watch them on occasion. The Departed, Snatch, and most comedy or action films work for me. As long as they can pull a laugh from me or hold my, sometimes short, attention span, then I'll indulge myself.
Favourite music
Metal, some Classic Rock, and minimal Hip-Hop/Rap. Lately I've been stuck on Apocalyptica and In Flames. But Fear Factory, Metallica, Devildriver, Five Finger Death Punch, and Twiztid are what I turn to most days. Though I also enjoy Collective Soul, Fleetwood Mac, Tool, and Heart. My Rap selection is limited at best with Eminem, older (early or pre-90's) rap like Tupac, Biggy, and Eazy-E. Basically, if it rocks, it's loud and heavy, I'll love it.