1. Ghost Town Fan art
2. Goku from Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan
3. MCR Logo
4. Picolo from Dragon Ball Z
5. Bella as a Vampire
6. Yes another Album cover for Ghost town
7. Mark from Mew mew Power and I forget his name in japanese version Tokyo Mew mew
8. Lettuce from Tokyo Mew mew or Bridgit from Mew mew Power
9. Karena from Mew mew power forget her name for Tokyo Mew mew was it Mint
10. Another Soul
11. Another Ghost town album cover
12. Anime Girl
13. Death the Kid
14. A fan Art for my fave band Ghost town xD
15. Angel from Angel Beats
16. Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z
17. Wolf
18. Zoey from Mew mew Power, Ichigo from Tokyo Mew mew
19. Goku from Dragon Ball Z
20. Gohan from Dragon Ball Z
21. Monster Cover (Ghost Town)
22. Soul
23. L from death note
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Hmm what can you say about yourself well Im 14 attending secondary school I'm a very hyper person so Im always happy and joking.
Tools of the trade
I use mostly 2B 4B and 6B pencils and I just use colouring pencils rubber and sharpener so nothing too spectatcular xD
Well my hobbies facebook, facebook and facebook lolz I also love to read draw watch anime I hate sports thp
Favourite books
Well being a teenage girl my favourite books have to be Twilight obviously! Call me a nerd but I enjoyed the Harry Potter books Loved the Cherub books! Read the Darren Shan books the demonta, Vampire, Larten Crepsly's point of view the adult books by him and his single books thin executioner and Koyaskin was it? so I read all the pretty much all the Darren Shan stuff and they are good but sometimes the endings pissed me off big time! Ive read sh*t tons of books like the Skul duggery ones Robert Patterson was it ones with Angel and all Loise Renison I tried reading the hobbit and almost finished the first book but it was wayyy to long and had complicated words lolz mostly Im into reading Manga xD
Favourite movies
I love the Twilight movies! Hunger Games, usual teenage romance films like a cinderella story and John Tucker must die and shit Titanic made me bawll like f*ck so that doesnt count I really find it hard to think of all y fav movies American Pie was good etc etc I'll talk about anime instead I love Dragon Ball Z death Note, Kaoichou wa maid sama,fruits basket, Itazura na kiss, soul eater, Lovely complex watched alot more bt cant think at the moment
Favourite music
I love the usual pop music like Jessie J, Rihanna, Adele, Katy Perry, Ed sheerin, Bruno mars etc but I am also into Linkin Park, MCR( RIP Return If Possible) and muse also Ghost town they're a smal enough band at the minute but their musics brilliant ! the guy's voice is so hot and his artwork is amazing makes me jealous! I listen to a little black Veil brides like Fallen angel but some of their songs are a little too screamo but Saviours another good one. Greenday and Blink 182 are awesome! and I'm getting into 30 seconds to Mars Jared Leto <3 Evanescence too
https://www.facebook.com/XxFahimaXP link to my page xD